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Job Description: Project Co-ordinator

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Why you should join PCR

  • Be part of an internationally respected non-profit research and policy organisation serving influential, high-profile clients around the world
  • Join a global team of professionals currently working in Australia, Europe and Africa

Our story

Policy Cures Research (PCR) is an internationally respected, non-profit research and policy organisation that provides data and strategic analysis on innovation for global health to high-profile organisations around the world. Our flagship project, G-FINDER, provides an annual picture of the global investments made in research and development for neglected infectious diseases, sexual and reproductive health issues, and emerging infectious diseases. We also undertake targeted, in-depth research and analysis on a wide range of neglected disease R&D facets, from historical sector funding trends and product pipelines to future-looking cost modelling and resource mobilisation strategies, for a wide range of clients and partners.

Global health R&D funders, product developers, and advocates use our data and analysis for several purposes including, identifying product and funding gaps to guide investments and priority-setting exercises, advocating to decision-makers for sustaining and growing global health R&D budgets, and remaining accountable to constituents (e.g., taxpayers, investors, board members, etc.).

We are looking to expand our diverse team to include a Project Co-ordinator to support our busy project teams deliver our important work.

Project Co-ordinator role and profile

Housed within the Data, Systems and Operations team, the Project Co-ordinator will work alongside the Operations Manager to support project leads and the management team to ensure projects are being run efficiently. Central to this role is to champion the use of our project management technology (Asana) to keep up to date with project progress and alleviate the administrative burden on project teams. The Project Co-ordinator will also work on internal projects, such as developing learning and development tools and new software and system roll outs.

The Project Co-ordinator is a part time (60% FTE) role and will report to the Operations Manager (based in Sydney, Australia) with the project management responsibilities being shared between these two roles.

Key responsibilities

Project proposals/preparation

  • Managing and saving files and templates in SharePoint to ensure uniformed document filing
  • Managing and updating the project budget calculators
  • Assisting with proposal document formatting and editing
  • Compiling or creating supporting documents for proposals
  • Updating financial forecasts and project planning SharePoint lists for new grants/ projects
  • Review proposed workload budget against global workload forecast to advise of any “pain points”

Project kick-off

  • Setting up the new project in relevant systems
  • Providing key project information to relevant internal stakeholders
  • Setting up the project in Asana
  • Completing bank and payment information for grantors, registering on portals for payment and progress report etc
  • Diarising reminders for key progress report and payment due dates
  • Working with management and the project leads to develop tasks, dependencies, estimated time allocation, start dates and deadlines for the project and entering into Asana
  • Creating the project in Replicon (time management software) with relevant billable rates, project budget, tasks and assigning resources to projects
  • Organising kick-off and ongoing project meetings with project teams in Teams/ Decisions, maintain agenda and minutes
  • Building project dashboards and reports (in Asana and PowerBi) to track project progress

Project management and administration

  • Regularly reviewing and updating project timelines in Asana, reporting against deliverables
  • Tracking of key milestones, deliverables and payments
  • Assist in developing project-related standard operating procedure documentation and create educational video tutorials
  • Support for relevant systems and IT tools (e.g. Dynamics 365 database, training and support on Asana for all team members)
  • Attend regular project meetings and assist with agenda and minutes, following up on action plans or decisions where necessary
  • Assisting with recruitment and onboarding of research assistants/surge support
  • Creating tasks and deliverables, and adding access, for any sub-award or consultants to the Asana project and relevant tools
  • Auditing and reporting project personnel hours
  • Monitor and update workload forecasts to keep alert for any bottle-necks
  • Update project collateral materials (e.g. PowerPoint decks, one-pagers, website entries, etc.)
  • Updating project budgets with actuals and expense management
  • Prepare progress reports, budgets, data and informal updates for management, board and external stakeholders
  • Travel organisation and conference or event registrations for project-related travel
  • Support other teams with co-ordinating learning and development sessions, associated collateral and archiving
  • Assist with proof-reading and quality control of project-related outputs such as graphs and reports
  • Liaise with and co-ordinate meetings with external stakeholders, such as advisory committees, funders, and sub-awardees

Project deliverables, launch and events

  • Co-ordinating project deliverable preparations including Excel data, mail merges, website updates and portal development
  • Liaising with designers and printers for report publishing
  • Assist project lead and comms team with launch planning
  • Assisting with mail outs in MailChimp
  • Project wrap-up and archiving
Position Requirements


  • Minimum of one year’s experience working with project management software, preferably Asana (or similar)
  • Minimum of two years’ experience in a project management-related role
  • Affinity for IT, particularly data and visualisations e.g. pivot tables, reports and creating visualisations (Power BI, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Advanced MS Office skills (Excel and SharePoint in particular)
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Adaptable and able to prioritise workload effectively
  • Ability to communicate effectively and diplomatically
  • Strong written communication skills


  • Experience with Dynamics 365
  • Education/training in Project Management
  • Interest in global health


PCR’s head office is in Sydney, Australia and we have staff in Australia, the UK, Europe and Africa. We will consider candidates across the UK and Europe or countries in these time zones.

This role is a permanent, part time (60% FTE) role. There is some flexibility with regard to the working days, but availability on Tuesday-Thursday mornings is essential to be able to attend project meetings with our Australian counterparts.

The successful candidate will work from home/fully remotely. The successful candidate will be expected to work flexibly and attend meetings outside of traditional core working hours, accommodating international time zones.

How to apply

Submit you application, including CV and cover letter on this site. Applications close Friday 1st December 2023.

We will not be acknowledging receipt of individual applications while the application period is open. You will be advised shortly after the conclusion of the application period whether or not your application has resulted in an offer of interview. Interviews will be conducted in December 2023.

This role will commence end January/early February 2024.

Employee benefits

Policy Cures Research offers a range of benefits to its employees, including competitive salaries which are reviewed annually, flexible working arrangements, a strong culture of promotion and recognition, access to employee assistance programs for mental health and well-being, and generous entitlements such as paid parental leave, and learning and development and volunteering allowances.


Annual part-time salary (60% FTE) is GBP 30,000 / Euro 28,000 – 33,000 (or equivalent).

Final salary offers will take into account regional benefits/costs to ensure fairness and balance in total compensation within the organisation.

Values and behaviours

All employees of Policy Cures Research are expected to adhere to and display the following five key values:

  • Dependability – Dependability is a core element of trust, which is essential to collaborative growth. Following through on our commitments is essential to progressing projects, building a strong reputation and making time for non-project work.
  • Enthusiasm – By drawing energy from our passion, curiosity, vitality and determination we will continue to learn and lead, strengthening the foundations of the organisation. As a small team, we all influence the atmosphere in which we work, and each of us are responsible for contributing to a positive team morale.
  • Collaboration – Our work relies on the expertise, skills, and contribution of each PCR team member, and our individual strengths are magnified when we work together and share.
  • Kindness – Every person in the team is a valued individual who deserves to be treated with kindness and empathy, and our collaborations will be enhanced by strong personal relationships
  • Trusting others – A lack of trust damages our relationships with each other, stunts individual growth and limits what we can achieve as an organisation.

In addition, employees are expected to always act to deliver work that is consistent with the seven key organisational characteristics of Policy Cures Research:

Independent | Reliable | Rigorous | Knowledgeable | Insightful | Engaged | Vocal