The analysis we provide in our reports is underpinned by evidence gathered as part of our systematic data collection programmes, which cover funding for global health R&D and products in the R&D pipeline. We obtain this evidence in two main ways: funding data is collected directly from organisations involved in global health R&D via the annual G-FINDER survey, while the R&D pipeline tracker is updated at intervals throughout the year using publicly available information.


The G-FINDER project tracks annual investment into R&D for new products and technologies that are designed to address the persistent global health challenges disproportionately affecting the world’s most disadvantaged people.

This includes funding for basic research and the development of new drugs, vaccines and diagnostics for global health priorities such as neglected diseases, emerging infectious diseases, and sexual and reproductive health.

We survey funders, researchers and developers working in global health on an annual basis to create a unique database of R&D investment data. This provides an unmatched resource for policy-makers, donors, researchers and industry that describes the R&D funding landscape for global health priority areas, showing where funding gaps exist and how each funder’s investments fit into the global picture.

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R&D pipeline tracker

The R&D pipeline tracker contains a comprehensive list of product and technology candidates in the development pipeline that target neglected diseases.

In line with Policy Cures Research’s mission, our R&D pipeline tracker includes information on product candidates such as drugs, vaccines and diagnostics for diseases that disproportionately affect people in low- and middle-income countries, such as tuberculosis, malaria and sleeping sickness.

The pipeline tracker allows global health actors to efficiently allocate their funding by identifying gaps or overlaps in the R&D pipeline. It also helps to mobilise funds by highlighting the progress that can be made when money is invested in R&D.

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COVID-19 R&D Tracker

The COVID-19 R&D Tracker provides a regularly-updated summary of announced R&D funding commitments and the current status and makeup of the pipeline for SARS-CoV-2, allowing users to identify the key financial and scientific contributors to the global fight against COVID-19.

In recognition of the fast moving nature of this field, the Tracker is updated weekly, and, unlike G-FINDER, relies on publicly announced funding commitments, rather than annual reporting of actual disbursements. The reported figures exclude, as far as possible, health systems funding, funding for large scale product manufacture and, in the case of the pipeline, duplicate trials of the same product or product combination.

Policy Cures Research has developed this tracker to help funders, policy makers, researchers and others understand the rapidly evolving landscape of R&D for COVID-19.

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