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Investment in R&D for neglected diseases delivers an outstanding societal return on investment (28 May 2024)

Global inflation threatens progress on neglected disease innovation despite increase in private sector funding (31 January 2024)

Warnings of bare R+D pipeline for top pathogens with pandemic potential, as latest 100 Days Mission report launched (23 January 2024)

Worldwide funding for neglected disease R&D stagnates after years of growth (31 January 2023)

Ground-breaking COVID-19 innovations made possible by unprecedented amount of R&D funding (30 June 2022)

Funding for neglected disease research stays stable in 2020 despite COVID-19 pressures (27 January 2022)

Funding for neglected disease research remains stable in 2019 but long-term trends reveal a striking shift in product funding patterns (15 April 2021)

Amidst COVID-19, Disease X looms and more cross-cutting R&D funds needed for all emerging infectious diseases, says new G-FINDER report (17 September 2020)

COVID-19 vaccine candidates report promising results from early and mid-stage clinical trials, but may lack real-world applicability (10 September 2020)

New G-FINDER Snapshot series debuts on World Mosquito Day looking at R&D funding and new tools to fight the world’s deadliest animal (20 August 2020)

New G-FINDER report on sexual and reproductive health R&D finds new products, investments and funders required for many needs (13 August 2020)

Huge, rapid R&D scale-up to fight COVID-19 unmatched, but most new tools remain months away or longer (25 June 2020)

Funding for neglected disease research hits record high, increases for third straight year (30 January 2020)

In the news

Financial Times: Pandemic resilience effort must match Covid R&D funding, says health chief (23 January 2024)

The Wire (India): Is There a ‘Third Way’ to Ensure Equitable Access to COVID-19 Vaccines for All Countries? (6 March 2021)

The Lancet: Challenges in ensuring global access to COVID-19 vaccines: production, affordability, allocation, and deployment (12 February 2021)

The Economist: Herbal remedies can help to treat neglected tropical diseases (7 January 2021)

Science Business: Over 1,000 COVID-19 drugs, diagnostics and vaccines currently in the pipeline (5 January 2021)

Devex: Just over $600M a year goes to malaria R&D. Can COVID-19 change that? (4 December 2020)

Science: Advancing new tools for infectious diseases (November 2020)

MSN News: Human rights ‘pushed to the curb’ in the world’s rush to a Covid-19 vaccine (29 October 2020)

Business Day (South Africa): Human Rights Watch supports SA’s call to scrap Covid-19 patents (29 October 2020)

Research Professional News: The time to start planning for the next pandemic is now (15 October 2020)

The Hill: Protecting the profits of a few could prevent vaccine access for all (14 October 2020)

India Today: Chasing the cure (10 October 2020)

Politico: Ranking countries’ likelihood of securing a coronavirus vaccine (25 September 2020)

Research Professional News: Infectious disease funding ‘follows the headlines’ (21 September 2020)

SciDevNet: Keep focus on emerging infections, Disease X: analysts (17 September 2020) Policy Cures Research’s G-FINDER 2020 Report Tracks Global Funding On Emerging Infectious Diseases R&D (17 September 2020)

STAT Morning Rounds: R&D funding for infectious diseases rises fourfold since 2014 (17 September 2020)

Becker’s Hospital Review: US infectious disease funding up fourfold since 2014, report finds (17 September 2020)

The Telegraph (UK): Why China could be poised to win the race for a coronavirus vaccine (12 September 2020)

Politico: Still wanted: a treatment for the coronavirus (11 September 2020)

Down to Earth: Will there be a middle path for affordable COVID-19 vaccines (8 September 2020)

The Seattle Times: The Gates Foundation, a global health behemoth, aims its massive bank account and disease-fighting expertise at COVID-19 (6 September 2020) What Is the World Doing to Create a COVID-19 Vaccine? (26 August 2020)

Health Policy Watch: Most Sexual & Reproductive Health Research Financing Comes From 3 Major Donors – And COVID-19 Could Further Shrink Funding (13 August 2020)

The New Republic: Can Platform Vaccines Really Save Us? (10 August 2020)

Politico: Europe has yet to live up to its Covid-19 promises (also on Yahoo News) (7 August 2020)

Axios Science: CRISPR’s COVID push — Deforestation’s irreversible damage — Brightest fluorescent material (6 August 2020)

Le Parisien: Vaccin contre le Covid-19 : priorité aux soignants, aux personnes âgées et à risque (28 July 2020)

Le Monde: Calendrier, essais cliniques, financements: où en est-on de la course au vaccin contre le Covid-19? (27 June 2020) Vaccin contre le Covid-19: la toute-puissance de l’industrie pharmaceutique (22 July 2020)

LiveMint: The unprecedented race for the covid-19 vaccine, in five charts (13 July 2020)

Financial Times: Health (1 July 2020)

Research Professional News: Covid-19 R&D tops $8bn as WHO calls for new funds (29 June 2020) 

The Telegraph (UK): More than $8.5bn committed to finding drugs and vaccines to fight coronavirus (26 June 2020) 

Research Professional News: Covid-19 R&D: the global funding picture (19 June 2020)

STAT: First Opinion: Covid-19 has exposed the limits of the pharmaceutical market model (19 May 2020)

The Wall Street Journal: Bill Gates has regrets (11 May 2020)

Bhekisisa: Will South Africa maintain its role as top funder of health research and development? (18 March 2020) 

Brookings: Preparing for pandemics such as coronavirus—will we ever break the vicious cycle of panic and neglect? (11 February 2020)

STAT: First Opinion: What record-high funding for neglected diseases doesn’t tell us about R&D for them (4 February 2020)

Forbes: Record Funding For Global Health Research, But Neglected Tropical Diseases Remain Neglected (29 January 2020) 

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