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The Wire (India): Is There a ‘Third Way’ to Ensure Equitable Access to COVID-19 Vaccines for All Countries? (6 March 2021)

The Lancet: Challenges in ensuring global access to COVID-19 vaccines: production, affordability, allocation, and deployment (12 February 2021)

The Economist: Herbal remedies can help to treat neglected tropical diseases (7 January 2021)

Science Business: Over 1,000 COVID-19 drugs, diagnostics and vaccines currently in the pipeline (5 January 2021)

Devex: Just over $600M a year goes to malaria R&D. Can COVID-19 change that? (4 December 2020)

Science: Advancing new tools for infectious diseases (November 2020)

MSN News: Human rights ‘pushed to the curb’ in the world’s rush to a Covid-19 vaccine (29 October 2020)

Business Day (South Africa): Human Rights Watch supports SA’s call to scrap Covid-19 patents (29 October 2020)

Research Professional News: The time to start planning for the next pandemic is now (15 October 2020)

The Hill: Protecting the profits of a few could prevent vaccine access for all (14 October 2020)

India Today: Chasing the cure (10 October 2020)

Politico: Ranking countries’ likelihood of securing a coronavirus vaccine (25 September 2020)

Research Professional News: Infectious disease funding ‘follows the headlines’ (21 September 2020)

SciDevNet: Keep focus on emerging infections, Disease X: analysts (17 September 2020) Policy Cures Research’s G-FINDER 2020 Report Tracks Global Funding On Emerging Infectious Diseases R&D (17 September 2020)

STAT Morning Rounds: R&D funding for infectious diseases rises fourfold since 2014 (17 September 2020)

Becker’s Hospital Review: US infectious disease funding up fourfold since 2014, report finds (17 September 2020)

The Telegraph (UK): Why China could be poised to win the race for a coronavirus vaccine (12 September 2020)

Politico: Still wanted: a treatment for the coronavirus (11 September 2020)

Down to Earth: Will there be a middle path for affordable COVID-19 vaccines (8 September 2020)

The Seattle Times: The Gates Foundation, a global health behemoth, aims its massive bank account and disease-fighting expertise at COVID-19 (6 September 2020) What Is the World Doing to Create a COVID-19 Vaccine? (26 August 2020)

Health Policy Watch: Most Sexual & Reproductive Health Research Financing Comes From 3 Major Donors – And COVID-19 Could Further Shrink Funding (13 August 2020)

The New Republic: Can Platform Vaccines Really Save Us? (10 August 2020)

Politico: Europe has yet to live up to its Covid-19 promises (also on Yahoo News) (7 August 2020)

Axios Science: CRISPR’s COVID push — Deforestation’s irreversible damage — Brightest fluorescent material (6 August 2020)

Le Parisien: Vaccin contre le Covid-19 : priorité aux soignants, aux personnes âgées et à risque (28 July 2020)

Le Monde: Calendrier, essais cliniques, financements: où en est-on de la course au vaccin contre le Covid-19? (27 June 2020) Vaccin contre le Covid-19: la toute-puissance de l’industrie pharmaceutique (22 July 2020)

LiveMint: The unprecedented race for the covid-19 vaccine, in five charts (13 July 2020)

Financial Times: Health (1 July 2020)

Research Professional News: Covid-19 R&D tops $8bn as WHO calls for new funds (29 June 2020) 

The Telegraph (UK): More than $8.5bn committed to finding drugs and vaccines to fight coronavirus (26 June 2020) 

Research Professional News: Covid-19 R&D: the global funding picture (19 June 2020)

STAT: First Opinion: Covid-19 has exposed the limits of the pharmaceutical market model (19 May 2020)

The Wall Street Journal: Bill Gates has regrets (11 May 2020)

Bhekisisa: Will South Africa maintain its role as top funder of health research and development? (18 March 2020) 

Brookings: Preparing for pandemics such as coronavirus—will we ever break the vicious cycle of panic and neglect? (11 February 2020)

STAT: First Opinion: What record-high funding for neglected diseases doesn’t tell us about R&D for them (4 February 2020)

Forbes: Record Funding For Global Health Research, But Neglected Tropical Diseases Remain Neglected (29 January 2020) 

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