Millions of people in the world suffer ill health because there is no commercial incentive to develop the products they need.

We are here to help fix that.

Policy Cures Research is a global health think tank. Our mission is to improve the health of the world’s most disadvantaged by using evidence to advance medical research and biomedical innovation for historically neglected and underfunded health issues.

We focus on identifying gaps in R&D for global health priorities by collecting global investment data. We provide robust, high-quality analysis, and engage with the global health community to offer strategic advice and expertise to stimulate efficient funding for biomedical research and development.

Our aim is to provide governments, funders and civil society organisations with the information they need to make optimal R&D policy and funding decisions to improve the health outcomes of those who are most underserved.

Our vision is a world where researchers and funders work collaboratively to drive biomedical innovation – irrespective of commercial incentives – so that all people, regardless of where they live, have the medical products, tools and technologies they need to combat disease and promote good health.

* COVID-19 R&D tracker *

In response to the current pandemic, Policy Cures Research is providing regularly-updated tracking of R&D funding commitments and the development of the pipeline for COVID-19.

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We gather evidence by collecting two types of data: funding for global health R&D and information on biomedical products in the R&D pipeline. Funding data is gathered on an annual basis via the G-FINDER survey while our R&D pipeline tracker is updated at regular intervals throughout the year.

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We use evidence collected through the G-FINDER survey and our R&D pipeline tracker to produce reports on a range of issues in global health.

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We share our knowledge and expertise to ensure policy-makers, researchers and industry have the data they need to make informed decisions when they invest in global health R&D.

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