Policy Cures Research: who we are

who we are.


Policy Cures Research is an independent group providing research, information, decision-making tools and strategic analysis for those involved in the creation of new pharmaceuticals for neglected diseases such as malaria, TB, HIV, pneumonia, sleeping sickness and helminth infections. Our focus is on providing governments, funders and civil society organisations with the information they need to make optimal research and development (R&D) policy and funding decisions for diseases of the developing world.



Previously the research and policy team within Policy Cures, Policy Cures Research became an independent organisation in September 2016. Along with extensive experience in developing world health and public policy, our expertise covers the full spectrum of neglected disease product development, from R&D activities and portfolios, to developers, business models, funding, incentives, pricing and access issues.


The team has public and private sector expertise in developing world health, R&D, medicine, economics, international health policy, and international and intellectual property law.


Our cross-disciplinary team and specialist knowledge allow us to develop fresh, innovative solutions to policy questions, moving beyond traditional approaches to ideas that work in today’s changing world.


Policy Cures Research stakes its reputation on providing neutral, balanced analysis built on in-depth understanding of, and relations with, organisations from all sectors of the R&D spectrum, including government, multilateral, philanthropic, private sector and civil society.

Real world solutions

Our expertise and broad network of relationships allow us to assess solutions for their real-world applicability before they are given to clients, including regulatory aspects, scientific and technical feasibility, funding implications and political acceptability.

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Policy Cures Research’s mission is to promote the advancement of health for the world’s poorest people and populations.

We provide evidence and analysis to promote medical research and the development of new health technologies for poverty related and neglected diseases.